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Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange 6.5™

Explore the main features of Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange 6.5™

Dry-Run Modeling
Priasoft is the ONLY solution to model start-to-finish migrations ensuring 100% performance visibility (how long) and potential issues (what if) are identified prior to production runs.

Flexibility via Backfill Technology
Quickly migrate users with the data they need now and move remaining data on your schedule to improve user experience and reduce business and network impact.

Unmatched Performance
Speeds up to 10x faster than any other solution – ANYWHERE – via a multi-threaded parallel processing engine and our patent-pending CAS load-balancing technology.

Complete Reporting and Analytics
Awareness of critical KPI’s through all phases and aspects of your migration.


Shown here: PMSE 6.5 Performance Metrics

Transparent to Users
Stop frustrated end users from calling your help desk and reduce e-mail traffic when you use Collaboration Suite to display GAL information between Exchange organizations.

No changes to the Active Directory or Exchange configuration are required.

Maintain Administrative Control
Allows you to decide which objects and attributes to synchronize, so you still maintain total control over your Exchange environment.

Preserve Security
There’s no need to set up trusts or additional accounts. No security-related user data, such as security IDs (SIDs) or passwords is ever transmitted or stored anywhere.

Reduce Workload
Eliminate manual tasks of duplicating contacts in several address books with automatic updates.

Flexible Data Synchronization
Maintain your preferred data format with Collaboration Suite schema attribute Mappers, regardless of how the original attributes displays data.


Shown here: Collaboration Suite Connections

The Priasoft Mailbox Migration Manager, a core component of the Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange, is a powerful Migration and Monitoring application and the engine that drives predictable, smooth, quick, and seamless migrations.

Migration Wizard Interface
Walks you through the migration process, inspects your Active Directory and Exchange environments, and allows you to fully control and construct your migration from a central location.

Migration Console
Allows you to monitor and manage your migration with innovative gauges and status reporting. The Migration console also manages simultaneous migration threads that empower you to migrate more users in less time..

Any Version Support
Supports migrations from Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 to Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and Office 365. It’s like having nine tools in one.

Migration Manager Console

Shown here: The Mailbox Migration Manager console

Priasoft Public Folder Migration Manager is a unique application for migrating Exchange public folders. The application provides powerful features to the administrator when migrating public folders.

Why synchronization for Public Folders?
In large enterprises it is not uncommon to have Public Folders that are used for daily or weekly activities and which have many changes in such a period. However, in a large enterprise migration co-existence is often a necessity. As such, there quickly becomes a need to keep some or many public folders in sync between 2 Exchange deployments. Common use cases for this scenario are public folder calendars where bookings are made in the calendar folder for things like equipment use or conference rooms and the like.

Priasoft’s Approach
Priasoft’s PFSync is a console application that can be configured to synchronize a single folder or a branch of folders between 2 exchange deployments. Multiple folders can be selected for sync, with or without subfolder recursion. PFSync will use a multi-process implementation to allow the sync to be scaled up or down for performance.

PF Migrator

Shown here: Migration Roll Back Utility

Supports automating Outlook client profile updates during Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and Office 365 based migrations & upgrades.

The Priasoft Outlook Profile Update Manager is the only complete solution on the market for automated updating of your Outlook clients’ profiles and includes the Real-time Profile Migration Monitor that give you the visibility to monitor the update process – so you always know where you are in the process giving you the ability to be proactive vs. reactive.

Deployment is simple and takes less than 15 minutes
To deploy the solution, all that’s required is to create a shared folder on any windows server in your environment and then simply execute the Profile Manager executable via a login script or a group policy. Then, when users login to the environment, the profiles are updated automatically without any end user interaction.

Profile Update Monitor

Shown here: Profile Update Monitor


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