Solution for pre-staging and synchronizing address books between two or more Exchange environments.

Are you in the midst of a company migration, merger or acquisition?

Do you have a “multi-forest/multi-org” Exchange environment?

Collaboration Suite provides synchronization of Global Address Lists (GALs) (Mailbox-enabled Users, Contacts, Mail-enabled users, & Distribution Lists) between organizations. It delivers the level of protection that you require by maintaining secure boundaries between Exchange organizations and Active Directory forests while providing a transparent collaboration process. Whether you need time to plan your Exchange migration, or have communications and scheduling requirements with partners, Collaboration Services can improve your productivity.


Collaboration Suite features the protection you need

Transparent to Users
Stop frustrated end users from calling your help desk and reduce e-mail traffic when you use Collaboration Suite to display GAL information between Exchange organizations. Your end users can now also display the calendar details of colleagues, all using your existing Outlook client and the Microsoft Availability Service.

No changes to the Active Directory or Exchange configuration are required.

Maintain Administrative Control
Allows you to decide which objects and attributes to synchronize, so you still maintain total control over your Exchange environment.

Preserve Security
There’s no need to set up trusts or additional accounts. No security-related user data, such as security IDs (SIDs) or passwords is ever transmitted or stored anywhere.

Reduce Workload
Eliminate manual tasks of duplicating contacts in several address books with automatic updates. Maintain productivity company-wide by removing the need to send multiple e-mails to find available meeting times.

Flexible Data Synchronization
Maintain your preferred data format with Collaboration Suite schema attribute Mappers, regardless of how the original attributes displays data. You can decide which attributes to synchronize and can even map a source attribute to a different target attribute if needed. In, addition, you can prefix and postfix attributes if needed using the built in schema attribute editor.

A few Collaboration Suite features and key benefits

Reduce manual tasks required to establish coexistence during migrations.

Supports Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 source to Exchange 2000, 2003, 2010 and 2013 targets.

Replicates users, contacts, and distribution groups.

Correctly provisions objects in support of a coexisted Exchange migration.

Can convert Contacts into mail-enabled users while preserving legacy exchange DN’s as X500’s for message replies.

Complete control over objects and attributes that are replicated.

Works perfectly with the Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange to provide a complete solution during coexisted Exchange migrations.