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Priasoft AutoDiscover
Test Tool

A Free Utility For Troubleshooting And Analysis Of The Exchange AutoDiscover Service

Exchange AutoDiscover Is A Great Feature But Is Not Always Easy To Troubleshoot – Until Now.

The Priasoft AutoDiscover Testing Tool is a great free utility for testing and reviewing AutoDiscover for both Office 365 and Exchange On Premises.

AutoDiscover is a service provided by Microsoft Exchange Server (and O365) that allows software to receive information about how it should connect to mail services. Failures in receiving this info (or receiving the wrong info) are a primary cause for user disruption and requests to IT support.

While Outlook itself does provide a mechanism (Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration), as well as other tools like the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, to retrieve the AutoDiscover data for review, they have little control over many aspects of that interaction – like being able to specify to which server to test against and what features or flags should be used during the AutoDiscover request.

The utility can test any host that implements AutoDiscover, including:

  • Exchange 2007
  • Exchange 2010
  • Exchange 2013
  • Exchange 2016
  • Exchange 2019
  • Office 365

Key Benefits And Uses

Full Control Over The AutoDiscover Request From A Single Solution

Using our solution you have full control to test responses as different versions of Outlook, without Outlook required to be installed! Extremely helpful when you have a mix of Outlook clients you are supporting in your environment.

Full Control Over The AutoDiscover Query Requests

Not only does the solution test a ‘standard’ AutoDiscover request it has the ability to specify, change, and override specific requests that can affect the AutoDiscover responses.

Just a few of the controls available during AutoDiscover requests: PreferLocalXML, ExcludeHttpRedirect, ExcludeHttpsAutoDiscoverDomain, ExcludeHttpsRootDomain, ExcludeScpLookup, ExcludeSrvRecord, ExcludeLastKnownGoodURI, ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint, MapiHttpDisabled, ShowCertErrors

MapiHTTP Supported

Test and validate that the Exchange server supports and returns MapiHTTP connection info. You can run query’s using various Outlook versions to see if the endpoint supports MapiHTTP

Full Logging And Analysis Of The AutoDiscover Data Returned

Not only can you view the full XML returned by AutoDiscover response, you also have access to the underlying HTTP response headers.

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